Past Wadsworths

USS Wadsworth DD-60 (Tucker Class)  1915 - 1922

The first ship to be named WADSWORTH (DD-60) was a Tucker Class destroyer commissioned in July 1915. She served to honor the name admirably. Her squadron's record for escorting numerous convoys laden with food, munitions, and troops of the American Expeditionary Force bound for Europe during the First World War is beyond compare. Not one man out of the two million "doughboys" of General Pershing's Army was lost en route while under her convoy protection. This feat notwithstanding, however, the WADSWORTH will always be remembered as the flagship of the first division of American destroyers to arrive in Europe to break the German U-boat blockade surrounding the British Isles. This sailing of WADSWORTH and her squadron to Britain is etched forever in the pages of history as the "Return of the Mayflower".


July 23, 1915

June 3, 1922



Sold for scrap - June 30, 1936

USS Wadsworth DD-516 (Fletcher Class)  1943 - 1946

The second ship named WADSWORTH (DD-516) was a Fletcher Class destroyer commissioned in March 1943, and was the second ship to proudly bear the name. Her World War II log of combat actions, submarine sinkings, aircraft kills and devastatingly accurate bombardments of enemy shore installations was outstanding. She received the Presidential Unit Citation for extraordinary heroism while successfully repelling literally hundreds of enemy aircraft while off the coast of Okinawa. This fine ship also earned seven battle stars and other awards for operations which included; the Treasury-Bougainville Operation; the Consolidation of the Solomon Island; the Bismarck Archipelago Operation; the Marianas Operation; the Okinawa Gunto Operation; and the Third Fleet Operation against Japan.




March 16, 1943

April 18, 1946

To West German Navy (Zerstorer D172) October 6, 1959

To Hellenic Navy (Nearchos D65) October 30, 1980

Scrapped in 1991

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